What are the payment options?
Group: AFSCME Public Safety locals can elect to sign up their entire local or segments of their local for the Public Safety Protection Program. Sign-up and payments are handled by the local. The per-member cost for this option is $15.75 per quarter ($5.25 per member per month).
Are there any deductibles for the benefits provided by PSOAA?
No, the premium amount for benefits is all you pay.
Who do I call if I have questions about the Public Safety Protection Program?
Call the member advocacy line at (949) 540-4692 or Genevieve Marcus, AFSCME Advantage Coordinator at (800) 588-0374.
How do I file a claim for the Legal Defense Fund benefit?
Simply call PORAC at (888) 556-5631. A case coordinator will determine your eligibility for benefits. If the case is coverable, you will be referred to an attorney or law firm in your area. Most calls take less than five minutes. You will then get a follow-up confirmation letter.
What if I am involved in a critical incident outside of normal business hours?
The 24-hour a day, 365 day-a-year PORAC hotline is available for all critical incidents. When you call (888) 556-5631 you will get an answering service which will then put you in touch with the Administrator. In most cases, an attorney will call you back within 10 minutes.
Are there limits or caps on the Legal Defense Fund benefits?
No. There are no pre-determined monetary limitations or caps on the attorney fees or costs reasonably needed to represent you.

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