Welcome to the AFSCME Public Safety Protection Program (PSPP) The PSPP was designed by AFSCME Advantage in coordination with American Union Benefit Services to provide a new and unique benefit created specifically for our AFSCME public safety members -- giving you on-the-job protection and added peace-of-mind!

The PSPP benefit package includes:

A. Access to legal representation for on-the-job civil and criminal action. This representation is administered through the Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC) Legal Defense Fund. PORAC is the largest and most successful legal defense fund in the country and is managed by public safety officers for public safety officers. Click for LDF Benefit Description.

There are two ways to sign up for the Public Safety Protection Program – Group and Individual:

Group Benefits:

Members may receive the PSPP should their local leadership elect to sign-up their entire local or segments of the local for the program. With Group Sign-Up there is no need for members to register on-line as the registration and payment of the quarterly premium is handled by the local. The quarterly premium payment is due in advance before members are eligible to receive the benefit. Click for the Group Benefits instructions and reporting process.

Locals that elect to do Group Sign-Up:

  Monthly Member Premium
PORAC LDF Plan $4.75

PSPP Individual Benefits:

A. To individually sign up for the PSPP, the local must register for the program and the 50% plus 1 requirement must be met before members are eligible to receive benefits.
B. Click on the Individual Member Sign Up to join the PSOAA and register for the Public Safety Protection Program.
C. C. Individual sign up cost $36 semi-annually or $72 annually.

A hypothetical payment schedule is illustrated below:

  1st Pmt 2nd Pmt 3rd Pmt
*Annual ($72.00) Jan 1st Dec 1st Dec 1st
*Semi-Annual ($36.00) Jan 1st June 1st Dec 1st

Note: After the initial payment, premiums are due 30 days before the scheduled payment to ensure that your coverage is not affected if there is a problem with the automatic deduction from your bank account or credit card.

* Member registration will not be processed and coverage will not take effect until more than 50% of the public safety members of your local have registered and provided accurate payment information. Once the majority is met, all registered members will receive an email stating that their registration is in process and the date deductions will begin. A second email will be sent confirming the effective date of coverage in the AFSCME Public Safety Protection Program.

Additional information can be found in the online brochure and frequently asked questions FAQ.

The PSPP is administered by American Union Benefit Services (AUBS) which is a provider of member benefits to AFSCME union members nationwide. . If you have any questions about the PSPP or registering on-line for the AFSCME PSPP please call the Member Advocacy number at (949) 540-4692. You may also contact AFSCME Advantage Coordinator, Genevieve Marcus, at (202) 429-1217. We appreciated your support of the AFSCME PSPP.

For more information about member-only benefits, please visit www.afscme.org/advantage.

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